5 Important Blogger Widgets Everyone Must Use

Widgets and plugins are also part of our blog which are used for making blog more functional. After template, we also need to implement some widgets in our blog. Newbies might be aware of some important widgets but everyone must use some important widgets due to some reasons and we’ll describe them below. There are many different widgets for blogger out there on the internet such as social sharing widget, notification bar, social content locker, related posts, featured posts, etc. Each widget has it’s own benefits but they are used when it’s necessary. As I said above that there are some important widgets which we use in our blog forever so below I’m going to show you those widgets and also why to use them all the time in our blogs.

1. Navigation Menu

The first important widget and item is Navigation menu that is important for every blog and website. New blogger templates that are made in 2013-2014 are having built-in navigation menus because it’s important but old templates might not contain built-in menus. In order to make the navigation of blog better we should implement drop down easy menu. When any new visitor will come on our blog then he’ll be able to know that what kind of content is published here and he/she can navigate it easily through that menu. Navigation menus also helps to improve the internal linking of blog.

2. Social Subscription

When you’ve created your blog than you might also have created social network accounts of your blog including Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google+ Page etc. We make such type of accounts to get engaged with our readers and visitors on social network as everyone is on social networks these days. These accounts also helps to send immediate notification to our all fans about blog updates and also in collecting new fans and increasing blog traffic. Well, Now here it’s important to implement social subscription widgets to let people know that which is our official social account so that they should subscribe and start getting notified.

3. Email Subscription

All the time on the internet, email is most trending thing. Email and social networks has helped to connect the world. Almost every company, site, blog and forum on the internet is trying to make email subscribers or email list of their users. There are several reasons for it. First, we can make money through email list. So, we should also build email subscribers list of our blog and for that email subscription widget is important. There are many email subscription widget that you can use. That can be implement in sidebar, header and below post to attract more subscribers.

4. Social Sharing

So, we’re on the 4th important blogger widget of the list and it’s social sharing widget. Look, social subscription and social sharing both are different things. In subscription, people subscribe to our social accounts and become fans while in social sharing, people can share the blog posts with their friends, family and relatives through social accounts. Social sharing widget help us to spread our blog on social networks and it definitely increases blog traffic. There are also many social sharing widgets with different functions like floating social bar, horizontal social bar, social buttons on image hover etc. We can use social sharing widget below post title and below post to attract more shares.

5. Related Posts

At last! This is the 5th last important blogger widget that everyone should use on their blogs. So, This is related posts widget. When someone reads your article and after completing he might leave your blog directly but what if we bring him on another blog post? For this reason, we use related posts widget which is displayed below every post so that we someone completes any article then he may also read another article on our blog. That widget displays some related and recommended posts that can also be useful for a particular reader. There are also many designs for related posts widgets such as related posts widget with thumbnail, only title, image with tool tip etc.

Final Words

These were some important blogger widgets that we should use in our blog. This article is specially for newbies to setup their blog properly and we’ve seen many blogs without these widget that seem very bad to us. However, if you’ve any question, problem, suggestion and feedback than please comment below. Have a nice day

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